Essential Stops for an Africa Tour

Essential Stops for an Africa Tour

Africa is becoming a far more popular touring place as people from the rest of the world are starting to realize how many amazing things can be found in it. Africa is a land of many wonders, as many as any other continent.

There are a few spots that stick out the most and are essential stops for your tour of Africa. Here they are!


Botswana is one of the most-traveled countries in Africa. The natural beauty of this country is mostly untouched by human invention. Miles and miles of wilderness, valleys, mountains, you name it, and it’ll be there!

Some of the caves in Botswana are home to rock paintings that have been there for so long we have to guess when it was carved.

For people who still like to be pampered, Botswana has a variety of accommodation options, one of which will certainly suit your needs.


The first thing most people think of when they hear the name Kenya is super nice people! Kenyans are known to be one of the most inviting and hospitable people-groups to date.

Kenya offers many majestic islands that you can visit. Most of these islands are still completely natural and don’t even have vehicles or buildings on them. (Don’t worry, you won’t be sleeping here!)

The best time of year to visit Kenya is between October and March as the weather is very pleasant at these times.


Lesotho is known for containing some of the best-looking mountains in Africa. Nature is the theme of this place, as you will literally be surrounded by it during your entire stay.

Tourists are recommended to travel here in a pair or group, but solo travelers will likely enjoy themselves as well.

Lesotho is home to a number of gorgeous parks and reserves such as Sehlabathebe National Park, Bokong Nature Reserve, and more.

Want to Travel to All of These at Once?

If you’re going to travel to Africa, you may as well go big. A few days or even a week won’t be nearly enough time!

If you do want to travel for a longer period, consider renting out your apartment while you’re away to earn some extra cash. If you know someone reliable, you can hire them as a property manager.

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